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A Half-Baked Love Story

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Book Name:- A Half-Baked Love Story

Author Name:- Anurag Garg

Have you ever??

  • Fallen in love at first sight?
  • Gone to your first date with an empty wallet?
  • Risked missing your IIT exam to meet her for the last time?
  • Been caught kissing your girl by her father?

Aarav has.

Aarav is a rich brat who sleeps with every girl he is even mildly attracted to. He changes from a shy teenager to an inconsiderate adult until an important realization hits him. Discover the pangs of his roller-coaster life as he reveals his deepest secrets.

Now a national #bestseller, A Half-baked Love Story is the story of two very different individuals as they come to terms with the pleasures and pangs of first love while battling the situations that life has placed them in. Let the characters guide you through this beautiful tale of love, longing, and loss.

A Half-Baked Love Story By Anurag Garg

About the Author Anurag Garg and Gunjan Narang

Gunjan Narang an aspiring educationist, polishing her mind and teaching skills at Miranda House. A sudden encounter with a friend brought her into the realization of a hidden spark in her and here she is, with her first recognized work. Perseverance and Optimism are the essence of her life. Sensitized towards various social issues, she plans to write about them in near future. Skeptic and Rational in approach, she believes not only in dreaming but also in accomplishing those dreams. Rebellious at heart and Honest in expression.

Anurag Garg not yet a Bachelor of Technology, he is a not so sincere student of Bharti vidyapeeth’s college of engineering, New Delhi. After being an unknown pass-out from St Xavier’s school and having tried a hand at journalism, he finally found his forte in writing. Plenty eating and Simple living is his funda in life. Random thoughts, eligible to be put together in the form of a storyline dragged him to his destiny. He is a family guy, A little shy to girls, who believes in learning from every experience. Photography being his field of interest, he also finds himself close to the nature. A keen follower of Humanism and Spirituality!

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