Attracting the Energy for Wealth Creation- Sharmila Mohanan

Attracting the Energy for Wealth Creation

Product Description

Book Name:- Attracting the Energy for Wealth Creation

Author Name:- Sharmila Mohanan

Master Sharmila Mohanan is Chinese Astrologer in India and one of the leading Fengshui Expert.

Fengshui Master Sharmila, is full-time astrologer and provides professional as well as ethical professional Consultancy offering BaZi chart consults for Individuals, families, couples, and Fengshui for Town Planning, Planning of Industrial as well as Residential Complexes, flats, Commercial Malls, bungalows, Hotels, shop, factories, Schools, Industrial as well as Agricultural plots, etc.

She has a vast amount of clients, not only in Mumbai but all over the country.

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