Bhujia Barons

Product Description

Book Name:- Bhujia Barons: The Untold Story of How Haldiram Built a 5000 Crore Empire

Author Name:- Pavitra Kumar

In the early 20th century, young Ganga Bhishan Agarwal, aka Haldiram, gained a fame for making the best bhujia in town. Fast-forward a century and the Haldiram’s empire has a revenue much higher than that of Domino’s and McDonald’s combined.

In the book Bhujia Barons, Pavitra Kumar manages to tell the riveting story of the Agarwal family in its entirety—a feat never managed before. It begins in dusty, benign Bikaner and traces the rise and rise of this homegrown brand which is one of the most recognized Indian brands in the world. Ganga Bhishan Agarwal, aka the Haldiram’s story is not an average business story, it is chock-full of family drama with court cases, a decades-old trademark battle, jealousy-fueled regional expansion and a closely guarded family secret of the famous bhujia. Fast-paced and riveting, this book, Bhujia Barons provides a delicious look into family business dynamics and the Indian way of doing business.

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