Blinks In Blackout By Dr Hari Parameshwar

Blinks In Blackout By Dr Hari Parameshwar

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Book Name:- Blinks In Blackout

Author Name:- Dr. Hari Paramesh

The whole world believes that Vikram Purohit went to Goa, and laid there – wrapped in a towel that barely buries his bareness, but mysterious, that if he is dead or alive – at the eighteenth level of one of the two towers of “Angelic Lances” he was found landing on the staircase in his lone penthouse. His maid and cook both were away, at their homes. His chauffeur and secretary were also on vacation as his whole office celebrates the rarest of rare holidays of their CEO. He had informed the security control room for the week-long absence from there. And a signage, “Away on holiday,” to alert the milkman and newspaper vendor, was hanged on the doorknob for all others. The story is apparently mystical, doubtful, but the propositions absolutely real, whether the one accepts or not. The journey to one’s truth, and acceptance of the same, is found to be a strenuous task, and one is found to run away from it, till, a situation, dire and undesirable, is created in life, revealing the indisputable, even if one has to go into a “blackout”, with those truths blinking with immense intensity and clarity – as Vikram, immobile and severed from the outer world, encounters the ultimate miracle unveiled by life…

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