Bread Is Gold by Massimo Bottura

Bread Is Gold by Massimo Bottura

Product Description

Book Name: Bread Is Gold

By Massimo Bottura

‘These dishes could change the way we feed the world, because they can be cooked anywhere, by anyone, on any budget. To feed the planet, 1st you have to fight the waste’, Massimo Bottura

The book, Bread is Gold is the 1st book to take a holistic look at the subject of food waste, presenting recipes for three-course meals from fortyfive of the world’s top chefs, including Mario Batali, René Redzepi, Daniel Humm, Alain Ducasse, Joan Roca, Ferran & Albert Adrià, Enrique Olvera and Virgilio Martínez.

These recipes, which number more than 150, turn everyday ingredients into inspiring dishes that are delicious, economical, and easy to make.

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About the Author

Massimo Bottura is the chef patron of Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin-star restaurant that he opened in 1995 in Modena, Italy, which was ranked #1 in the World’s 50 Best in 2016.

Massimo Bottura was interested in cooking from a young age. In 1986, he opened his 1st restaurant and subsequently developed his love of food while working for Alain Ducasse and Ferran Adrià. Bottura has created Refettorios, soup kitchens that use excess food from supermarkets and local suppliers to provide healthy, seasonal meals for people in need. Massimo Bottura is also the author of Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef, which was published by Phaidon on 6 Oct 2014.

Recipes and three-course meals created by: René Redzepi, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Daniel Humm, Mauro Colagreco, Enrico & Roberto Cerea, Yannick Alléno, Sara Papa & Alberto Calamandrei, Antonio, Alberto & Giovanni Santini, Ugo Alciati, Mitsuharu Tsumura, Gastón Acurio, Andrea Berton, Davide Oldani, Alain Ducasse, Viviana Varese, Luca Fantin, Daniel Patterson, Mark Moriarty, Joan Roca, Antonia Klugmann & Fabrizio Mantovani, Matías Perdomo, Enrique Olvera & Carlos García & Rudolfo Guzmán, Cristina Bowerman, Alessandro Negrini & Fabio Pisani, Giuseppe Palmieri, Andreas Caminada, Ferran & Albert Adrià, Petter Nilsson, Carlo Cracco, Juan Mari Arzak, Michel Troisgros, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Jessica Murphy, Manuel & Christian Costardi, Virgilio Martínez, Jeremy Charles, John Winter Russell, Mario Batali, Ana Ros, Alex Atala, Matt Orlando, Niko Romito, George Brown, Moreno Cedroni, Mauro Uliassi, Gennard Esposito, Carles Mampel, Antonio Bachour, Oriol Balaguer, Pino Cuttaia and Alice Delcourt.

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