Chup: Breaking the Silence About India’s Women

Chup: Breaking the Silence About India’s Women

Chup: Breaking the Silence About India’s Women by Deepa Narayan depicts the true picture of Indian women. The role of women has changed a lot from the past, she has become strong, confident and works to earn a livelihood.

Book Name: Chup: Breaking the Silence About India’s Women

Author Name: Deepa Narayan

Brief of the book Content

Every modern woman of today is being questioned…

  1. Do you pride yourself on being a strong woman?
  2. Do you aspire to be one or support one?
  3. Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Chances are that you behave in ways that are exactly the opposite, as this path-breaking book argues. In this rigorously researched book, based on 600 detailed interviews with women and some men across India’s metros. Social scientist Deepa Narayan identifies seven key habits that may dominate women’s everyday lives, despite their education, success, financial status, and family background. This behavior may seem harmless, but each one has enormous impact and it means only one thing – that Indian women are trained to habitually delete themselves. Shocking, troubling and revolutionary, Chup will hold a mirror to yourself – and you may not like what you see.

About the Author

Dr Deepa Narayan has spent her life working on economic development issues from the perspectives of poor women and men. She was a senior adviser in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management group of the World Bank from 2003 to 2008. Deepa is the recipient of many awards. Also, named one of the 100 most influential global policy thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine and one of 35 Great Thinkers by India Today. Author of seventeen books, Dr Narayan leads groups in deep conversations about outer and inner change. She is the founder of the Gender Action Lab.

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