The Crown of Seven Stars by Gitanjali Murari

The Crown of Seven Stars

The Crown of Seven Stars by Gitanjali Murari

The Crown of Seven Stars by Gitanjali Murari is a story of an empire called Aum under critical situation and the thrust of its heir for the crown, read the book to know the whole history and mystery that how the destiny chooses for the real deserver.

Book Title: The Crown of Seven Stars

Author Name: Gitanjali Murari

Publisher: Penguin eBury Press

Paperback: 272 Pages

Price: 200 INR

Content Brief

Aum empire is under the unpleasant situation of attack. However, the enemies are not external; rather, they are within the kingdom, each infatuated with the greed for Crown of Seven Stars at heart. Early one morning, Destiny rolls her dice. General Saahas, one of the successors to the throne, becomes a hunted man and Aum plunges into chaos, submitting meekly to the tyranny of the self-appointed Raja Shunen and the wily Queen Manmaani.

Turned into a fugitive, Saahas is forced to submit to the power of the saade saati–the dreaded seven and a half years befalling every person at least once in their lifetime. Bitter and full of despair, he vows to vanquish his biggest foe, Destiny.

Rolling the dice once more, Destiny prepares to bend Saahas to her will. She, not Saahas, must decide the winner of the Crown of Seven Stars.

About the Author of Book

Gitanjali Murari is the Head of Content for Turner-Alva JV Real Global Broadcasting. He has over twenty years of experience as a senior creative in production houses and top entertainment networks.

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