Current Affairs Quiz 10th January 2017

Current Affairs Quiz 10th January 2017

Current Affairs Quiz 10th January 2017

1. To win the 2016 South Asian Football Federation Women’s Championship for the fourth consecutive time, Indian team defeated which of the following country?
a. Sri Lanka
b. Bangladesh
c. China
d. Japan

2. With which of the following Civilian awards was Om Puri, the veteran actor awarded?
a. Padma Shri
b. Bharat Ratna
c. Padma Bhushan
d. Padma Vibhushan

3. Which of the following two countries is not included to be developed as a smart city with the association of India and Japan?
a. Chennai
b. Ahmedabad
c. Varanasi
d. Mumbai

4. Who among the following has been appointed as the Deputy Assistant to the President, Deputy Communication Director, and Research Director by President Elect Donald Trump?
a. Raja Krishnamoorthi
b. Raj Shah
c. Preet Bharara
d. Neel Tushar Kashkari

5. The first Braille library was opened in
a. Guwahati
b. Dispur
c. Shillong
d. Lakhimpur

6. World record for the ‘largest tennis lesson’ was set up in
a. Mumbai
b. Delhi
c. Chennai
d. Kochi

7. International business summit Intaglio 2017 was conducted at
a. IIM Banglore
b. IIM Lucknow
c. IIM Ahmedabad
d. IIM Calcutta

8. World’s longest bullet train ‘Shangri-la of the World’ travels from Kunming to
a. Beijing
b. Nanjing
c. Tianjin
d. Chengdu

9. The People’s President: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is authored by
a. Paranjoy Guha Thakurta
b. SM Khan
c. Romesh Thapar
d. T. K. Oommen

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10. Who has been appointed as the chairman for Tata Power Co Ltd?
a. Ravindra Pisharody
b. Natarajan Chandrasekaran
c. S Padmanabhan
d. Satish Borwankar

11. Chief Human Resources Officer for India operation of Capgemini is
a. Anil Jalali
b. Mayank Pareek
c. Gajendra Chandel
d. Guenter Butschek

12. For augmenting capital support to enterprises in the country, Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has tied up with
a. ICICI Lombard.
b. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
c. Cigna TTK
d. Life Insurance Corporation of India

1. Bangladesh 2. Padma Shri 3. Mumbai 4. Raj Shah 5. Guwahati 6. Chennai 7. IIM Calcutta 8. Chengdu
9. SM Khan 10. S Padmanabhan 11. Anil Jalali 12. Life Insurance Corporation of India

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