Current Affairs Quiz 17th January 2017

Current Affairs Quiz 17th January 2017

1. Which Indian state government has launched its indigenously-developed e-wallet named ‘’ to provide the people with the easy of online transection in their local language?
a) Delhi
b) Sikkim
c) Assam
d) Gujarat

2. Presented with the lifetime achievement award at the ninth edition of Jaipur International Film Festival?
a) Ramesh Prasad
b) Amitabh Bachhan
c) NiteshTiwari
d) Prem Chopra

3. Which state has recently launched India’s first Student Start up and Innovation Policy?
a) Haryana
b) Gujarat
c) Delhi
d) Goa

4. For which film Om Puri got National Film Award for Best Actor?
a) Aakrosh
b) Zamana
c) ArdhSatya
d) Zamana

5. Who is appointed as new Chief Executive Officer of Flipkart recently in 2017?
a) SanjeevMohanty
b) KunalBahl
c) SanjeevAgarwal
d) Kalyan Krishnamurthy

6. A new spices of Ginger was recently discovered in
a) Andamans
b) Bay of Bengal
c) Goa
d) Lakhsdaweep

7. The poet who have been recently awarded with 52ndJnanpith Award for 2016
a) ShankhaGhosh
b) Rehman Rani
c) Kedarnath Singh
d) RaghuveerChwdhary

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8. Which among the following is derecognized as a sport by the center due to its wide dimensions, making it difficult to conduct competitions?
a) Gymnastics
b) Yoga
c) Aerobics
d) Cheerleading

9. Who has been sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu following the death of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.
a) O.Panneerselvam
b) NirmalaSitharaman
c) P. Shanmugam
d) SatyavaniMuthu

10. 44th Chief Justice of India
a) Justice MadanLokur
b) Justice Anil R Dave
c) Justice Jagdish Singh Kheher
d) Justice RanjanGogoi

11. International Anti-corruption day
a) 14 December
b) 26 November
c) 30 January
d) 09 December

12. What is the rank of India in Global Terrorism Index (GTI), 2016?
a) 7th
b) 9th
c) 10th
d) 15th

13. The book “An Unsuitable Boy“is the autobiography of which Indian personality?
a) Om Puri
b) Amitabh Bachhan
c) Rishi Kapoor
d) Karan Johar

14. Who has been recently appointed as new chairman of Tata Sons?
a) Natarajan Chandrasekaran
b) Cyrus Mistry
c) Noel Tata
d) Indra Kishnamurthy

15. Which state has become India’s fully organic state in 2016?
a) Kerala
b) Sikkim
c) Gujarat
d) Orissa

1. (c) Assam 2. (a) Ramesh Prasad 3. (b) Gujarat 4. (c) ArdhSatya
5. (d) Kalyan Krishnamurthy 6. (a) Andamans 7. (a) ShankhaGhosh
8. (b) Yoga 9. (a) O.Panneerselvam 10. (c) Justice Jagdish Singh Kheher
11. (d) 09 December 12. (a) 7th 13. (d) Karan Johar
14. (a) Natarajan Chandrasekaran 15. (b) Sikkim

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