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Dangerous Minds pdf ebook by Hussain Zaidi Minds will explore the early beginnings, lives, careers and sudden transformations of such persons into merchants of death.

Book Name:- Dangerous Minds pdf ebook by Hussain Zaidi

Dangerous Minds will delve into the intricate and complex lives of some of the most talked-about terrorists of the country. Doctor Jalees Ansari, a doctor from Malegaon involved in 80 blasts, including some on railway tracks, was supposed to be a quiet, peace-loving medical professional. Fahmida Ansari, a housewife and mother of two from the Jogeshwari slums of northwest Mumbai, physically planted the bombs herself in a taxis and bus and returned home as if nothing had happened.

  • What drove them to such violent designs?
  • What were their compulsions?
  • Can a human being be so ruthless and heartless and why?

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