Death an Inside Story by Sadhguru

Death an Inside Story

Death an Inside Story by Sadhguru

Death an Inside Story is written by Sadhguru, a well known spiritual yogi, through this book he has shared his experience of life and dwells the inside story of death to his followers. His teaching are always proved to be great motivators and enthusiastic to the reads. Moreover, he had also explained various phases of life as well in this book.

Book Description

Title: Death an Inside Story A Book For Those Who Shall Die

Author: Sadhguru

Publication: Penguin Ananda

Language: English

Hardcover:  256 pages

Price: 299 I. N. R.

About The Book Death an Inside Story

Guider of devotions, Sadhguru had never ever given his points regarding death. So in this book he had shared his impression about death. However, he had also mentioned that how one can be one can be in contact after death. According to him, death is a phenomenon. If one is shy from death he will be shy from life also. This book also informs about the karma, the concrete which manages to keep body and soul collectively.

Now how can we help those how had died or who have to dye? All these questions are answered in this book.  Life and death in general. How can we prepare one to face it? In addition to it, how can they support after death? Accordingly, after death, a person is still around us. But some of them can be noticed but some can not. All this depends upon the karma they have done in their life. These are some of the highlights of this book.

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About the Author

A founder of the Isha Foundation, Sadhguru was born in 1957 in Mysore. He has completed his graduation from the University of Mysore. Further, he stopped studying and started meditation and traveling. Through this time he came to know many new things. Later on, after this experience, he started yoga classes. He had gathered vast spiritual knowledge which he often uses to share in his lectures. Sadhguru is a very good speaker, an author who mostly writes and speaks about insubstantial. He has received various awards due to his service in the field of spirituality like Padma Vibhushana.

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