Death- An Inside Story

Death-An Inside Story by Sadhguru

Death- An Inside Story: A book for all those who shall die

Death is always a topic of discussion among societies. What if no one understood its true concept? Sadhguru in Death-the The inside story explains it differently and calls it a crucial aspect of life. Life comes with general spiritual possibilities of existence.

Originated from his inner experience and profound knowledge of spirituality, he explains some core aspects of death that no one discussed. He elaborated some rarely spoken points like what preparations one can make for one’s death or how to assist the person who is on the verge of leaving his body and how can we support them even after death.

As the title says the book is for all those who shall die! It’s written for all whether believer or not, a devotee or an agnostic, seeker or a simpleton. In spite of saying that it is just the end of life, there are many undiscussed things about death. That explains its reason and needs to occur. Sadhguru with his years of spirituality and experience tried to disclose the hidden and profound reality of the end of life using his writings.

Sadhguru: Indian Yogi and Author
With actual name is Jaggi Vasudev and he is the founder of the Isha Foundation which involves various activities related to spirituality, education and environment. Moreover adorned with Padma Vibhushan and a second-highest civilian award from the Government of India. He always tries to give a spiritual message using his writings and social services. He has written several books describing his faith in religion and spirituality. Some of his books include Inner Engineering: A Yogi’Guide to Joy and Mystic’s Musings. All his writings and speakings make one think about the truth, value and meaning of life and our existence. Not just society but he had taken various initiatives for environment protection.

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