Defining India Through Their Eyes by Sonia Singh

Defining India

The book we are viewing today is DEFINING INDIA Through their eyes by Sonia Singh this book is listed in the new releases of the year 2019 and going to be a great hit in the future, the releasing date of this book is 25th May 2019.

About The Author

Sonia Singh worked as a journalist for the last 27 years and is currently the Editorial Director of NDTV. A graduate of St. Stephens’s College in English Literature, reading is her passion with an unexpected fondness for Irish Romantic Novelist. She divides her time between Delhi and Padrauna in Eastern Utter Pradesh. She is the Full-time mother of 3 daughters, which is the most difficult and rewarding job in the world.

Now, let’s talk about the most cheering book of the among the new releases of this year. The publisher of the book Defining India Through Their Eyes by Sonia Singh is Penguin Viking. The medium is English, with the book-length of 224 pages. The main attraction of this book is about it will provide a brief description of the famous ones and provide the glips of the main events happened in India with the help of different critics, politicians, actors, revolutionist and what not.

Book Describes the main events of the previous years

From Amartya Sen to amir khan, Raghuram Raja, Sachin Tendulkar, his holiness Dalai Lama, Pranab Mukherjee, Arun Jaitley, Nirmala Sitharama and Saina Mirza among others, in this book, eminent journalist Sonia Singh opens a wide window among the citizen of India. And provide the briefs of the main events happened in the previous years in Idia from the different people who are in different felids. For writing Defining India Through Their Eyes, she took the interview of different above-mentioned people and them from a book full of an interesting subtle and great chapter of their life in just one book.

She took about 15 interviews of different people to uncover the stories behind the national events they and normal citizens gone through in India’s past and what they think about those events will affect the future of Indian citizens, economy, and delivery of Indian culture.

To attain this kind of knowledge about our Indian history Defining India Through Their Eyes book will the best source for you and can easily make up mind about the problems India has gone through over that era. You can buy this book from different online shopping applications and yes also from your nearby novel/book store. Till then happy reading and keep the minds busy in the seeping up the knowledge from these kinds of books.

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