Electric machinery 6th edition fitzgerald

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Book Name:- Electric machinery 6th edition fitzgerald

Author Name:-A.E Fitzgerald

The chief objective of Electric Machinery continues to be to build a strong foundation in the basic principles of electromechanics and electric machinery.
Through all of its editions, the emphasis of Electric Machinery has been on both physical insight and analytical techniques. Mastery of the material covered will provide both the basis for understanding many real-world electric-machinery applications as well as the foundation for proceeding on to more advanced courses in electric machinery design and control.

  • Although much of the material from the previous editions has been retained in this edition, there have been some significant changes. These include:
  •  A chapter has been added which introduces the basic concepts of power electronics as applicable to motor drives.
  •  Topics related to machine control, which were scattered in various chapters in the previous edition, have been consolidated in a single chapter on speed and torque control. In addition, the coverage of this topic has been expanded significantly and now includes field-oriented control of both synchronous and induction machines.
  •  MATLAB ®1 examples, practice problems, and end-of-chapter problems have been included in the new edition.
  •  The analysis of single-phase induction motors has been expanded to cover the general case in which the motor is running off both its main winding and its auxiliary winding (supplied with a series capacitor).

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