About the book:-

Book Name:-Engineering-fluid-mechanics

Author Name:-T.AL-Shemmeri

Engineering-fluid-mechanics is an very important subject in the study of the behaviour of fluids, equally when at rest and when in motion whether a house hold application such as the mains water supply, the natural gas supply or industrial such as the design of the body of an automotive car, airplane, train or the provision of electricity from a hydropower plant.


This Engineering-fluid-mechanics book tackles the many  principles and laws in a very easy and clear way describing the all parameters that control the particular situation. This book is complimented by many worked tutorial problems and examplaes to help reader get further practice in problem solving, a typical examination paper, and finally presents a case study of a typical hydropower plant.

Fluid Properties :-

Fluid:- A Fluid is a substance, it deforms when force is applied on it. Fluid may be divide into another forms like liquid and gas. Liquid occupies definite volume but gases not occupies definite volume, Gases expand and it occupies the containing vessel.


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