Excellence Has No Borders by B. S. Ajai Kumar

Excellence Has No Borders

Excellence Has No Borders by B. S. Ajai Kumar

Excellence Has No Borders is a book written by B.S Ajai Kumar, a great researcher and a doctor who introduced the cure for cancer in India.

Book Description

Title: Excellence Has No Borders How a Doctorpreneur Created a World Class Cancer Hospital Chain
Author: B. S. Ajai Kumar
Publication: Penguin Portfolio
Paperback: 304 pages
Price: 699 I.N.R.

About Excellence Has No Border

Excellence has no border is a book written by an oncologist named B. S Ajai Kumar. B.S. Ajai Kumar is CEO and founder chairman of Healthcare Global Enterprises. All this life from his study to serving people is explained in this book. Ajai Kumar has completed his higher study from the United State of America. He is a helping hand for people residing in South Asia. It is very difficult for a doctor to leave the people depending on them for new research. Ajai Kumar faced the same problems when he was going to start a search.

But, that search was very crucial and hence was proved beneficial in the future. He went foreign for making medicines at cheap rate and was succeeded in that field. Moreover, he had made the treatment of cancer accessible in India. This is an inspirational book that explains his determination, confidence, and hard work. Even more, after having a number of achievements, he didn’t draw to the close but he partnered with Kamini Rao to establish fertility centers in India in 2013.

About the Author

B.S. Ajai Kumar was born in 1951 in Banglore. He completed his MBBS from St John Medical College and MD from Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas. Further, practiced two decades abroad in search of medicine and formed HGC. He introduced a new technology for treating cancer. Moreover, for his great achievement in the field of research and medicine, he is also awarded by a BC Roy Award, CEO of the year and many others.

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