The Gita Way: Secret Recipe to Achieve the Purpose of Life

The Gita Way

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Book Name:- The Gita Way: Secret Recipe to Achieve the Purpose of Life

Author Name:- Shweta Chandra and Santosh Srivastava

The Book, The Gita Way: Secret Recipe to Achieve the Purpose of Life is an atheistic take on the principles of the Bhagavad Gita. Without delving into either mythological or God-centric discourse, this book The Gita Way attempts to explain and understand various insights from the Gita through, in the author’s words, derived theory and application. “The Gita Way” attempts to shed light on matters of self-realisation and following and identifying the path to achieve the goal of life.

Within the framework of Vedic philosophy represented by Gita, this book explores:

  • How to discover the swa-bhava (behavioral ), the inherent natural strength of our real self??
  • What is my purpose of life?? Is my profession aligned with my swa-bhava(behavioral )??
  • What is the real meaning of moksha, the liberation? How the achievement of individual purpose leads us to attain supreme purpose we are born to achieve.
  • How yoga of knowledge, devotion and karma is applied to realise self, stay on the path of the goal and attain the real purpose?

Unlike other books on Bhagavad Gita, ‘The Gita Way: Secret Recipe to Achieve the Purpose of Life’ is not a chapter wise discourse. Instead, this book presents deduced concepts in first place supported with relevant reference from the whole Gita. For example, in the first chapter of this book, you may get a reference of last chapter of Gita relevant to the topic of discussion.

About the Authors

Santosh Srivastava, is a marketing professional, currently heading marketing services in H & R Johnson (India) based out of Mumbai. He did MBA from S P Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. He found himself fascinated about science of spirituality from early childhood. He actively writes on various topics ranging from spiritualism to management. He wrote following books:-

  • Administration of Construction Contracts
  • Mujhe Janam Do Maa
  • Title Is Untitled
  • Local Champions to Global Masters: Mobilizing for Growth
  • Uncaging the Tiger: Financing Elementary Education in India
  • Genetics of Slow Rusting Resistance in Field Pea

Shweta Chandra is a self-employed consultant. 34, She is post graduate in organic chemistry. After working with Birla Shloka Edutech, Shweta left the promising career in the corporate world to prioritise family purpose. With an urge to learn human behaviour(swa-bhava), she call it human science, she discovered writing on it as her full time hobby. The Gita Way: Secret Recipe to Achieve the Purpose of Life is her second book, she wrote FIVE MODEL TESTS STD. IX SCIENCE TERM 2 also.

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