It’s Not Right… But it’s Okay

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Book Name:- It’s Not Right… But it’s Okay

Book Title:- Anuj Tiwari

“If we have the past that we are not particularly proud of, it does not mean that we can not have a promising future.”

Everyone has the past. But what if it becomes daunting baggage & spills over into the future?

A desperately independent, career-driven girl, Angira, has recently changed her Facebook status to ‘single in Mumbai’. While work has been her only priority, a twist of fate brings Ved – a strikingly handsome footballer, the heart-throb of the college – into her life. He seems genuine and fun-loving, but based on past experiences, Angira knows better than to trust him. Despite their contrasting personalities, the two develop an unexpected bond – a link for which they are about to risk everything they have.

It's Not Right

A riveting tale about incorrodible lovers with a dark past. The Book “It’s Not Right…but It’s Okay” is a true story about finding friendship and love again.

Product Description

About the Author

Anuj Tiwari is the author of the bestselling books, Journey of Two Hearts, I Tagged Her in My Heart and It Had to Be You. A speaker in many colleges & universities, his stories are based on real-life incidents that he has recorded over the years. With an MBA degree in finance and human resources management, Anuj works in Mumbai as an IT professional and marketing consultant.

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