It’s Okay to Fail My Son

It's Okay to Fail My Son

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Book Name:- It’s Okay to Fail My Son

Book Author:- Vasant Kallola

The Book It’s Okay to Fail My Son is about the father-son relationship. The Story covers all the stress faced by teenagers because of the high expectations of parents and competition, teachers and the system around.

The story is thought-provoking, as for the 1st time in history, a loving father, Rahul, tells his son, It’s Okay to Fail My Son. Father’s words to his son scare the people around them; he is also accused of being irresponsible! But he has a different end in mind: he is preparing his son for permanent and greater success, the transformation from being hackneyed to a genius!

It's Okay to Fail My Son

This book It’s Okay to Fail My Son reflects the emotions of every loving father towards his child. This novel describes a journey, which converts pressure to passion, fear to flight of success. For his son, as well as for billions of children across the country.

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About the Author Vasant Kallola

This book, It’s Okay to Fail My Son is an outcome of Rahul’s love for his son, extensive study of child psychology and deep thinking about ways to achieve happiness through excellence.

Vasant Kallola is An engineer and MBA. He is a telecom professional, working in a reputed company at a senior management position. A fitness enthusiast, he has deep interest in psychology and is a black belt in martial arts, and in world-renowned Mind Toughness techniques.

Vasant Kallola

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