Keep Calm and Mommy On by Dr. Tanu Shree Singh

Keep Calm and Mommy On - Tanu Shree Singh

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Book Name: Keep Calm and Mommy On

Book Author: Tanu Shree Singh

  • How do I get my kids to be polite?
  • How do I get my kids to stop fighting?
  • How do I deal with teenage hormones?
  • How do I get my son to do homework without endless nagging?
  • How do I help my daughter deal with bullies?

As a dad (or mom ) these questions must be giving you sleepless nights. But do not despair just yet!

Read this funny, wise, and charming book “Keep Calm and Mommy On”, for handy lists. hilarious anecdotes and practical solutions to your dilemmas.

It will help you keep calm and mommy on!

Dr Tanu Shree Singh combines her academic training in psychology with her practical experience as the hands-on mother to two teenagers, to discuss the challenges and delights which today’s parents face.

About the Author

Dr. Tanu Shree Singh debut with his first novel “The Missing Step”, Keep Calm and Mommy On is her second novel. She has a PhD. in Positive Psychology and is a lecturer in psychology. She is also struggling to be a librarian at the Reading Raccoons Library that she has set up at Faridabad.

Most of her theories of bringing up children, however, have been violently challenged and reshaped by her two teenaged sons. She is surrounded by 3 clueless men (two by virtue of the womb and one by virtue of wedlock) and six dogs with distinct non-canine personalities and has an ever-growing bookshelf to hide behind.

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