Koi Good News By Zarreen Khan

Koi Good News

Koi Good News which is the question asked of every married woman, as everyone surrounding want a newcomer at home. But the same question creates fun when asked lesser times and frustrate her when asked for years. Similar happened with Zarreen Khan. She explains all through this book how she tackled and how it became a fun.

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Product Description

Book Title: Koi Good News

Author Name: Zarreen Khan

When Mona Mathur of Dehradun had married her college sweetheart, Ramit Deol of Amritsar, there were two things she wasn’t prepared for: 1. The size of the Deol family – it put any Sooraj Barjatiya movie to shame 2. The fertility of the Deol family – they reproduce faster than any other species known to mankind. But for four years now, Mona and Ramit have done the unthinkable and remained childless.

Of course, that also means that they’ve battled that one question day in and day out: ‘Koi Good News?’ It doesn’t matter that they have been happy to be child-free – they are married. They are expected to make babies. After all, there are grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts and even colony aunties in waiting. Brutally honest, wholly irreverent, Koi Good News? is the funniest book you’ll read this year.

About the Author

Zarreen Khan worked for Pepsi, Hindustan Times and ACNielsen for over ten years. After which she decided to take a break and raise two children, who are sometimes kind enough to let her role-play as a marketing consultant.

Currently, living in Delhi with her husband. Koi Good News is her second book.


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