The Leading Brain by Friederike Fabritius

The Leading Brain by Friederike Fabritius

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There is a revolution taking place that most businesses are still unaware of. The understanding of how our brains work has radically shifted, exploding long-held myths about our everyday cognitive performance and fundamentally changing the way we engage and succeed in the workplace.

The Leading Brain

By Friederike Fabritius

Combining their expertise in both management and neuropsychology consulting, the author neuropsychologist Friederike Fabritius and leadership expert Dr. Hans W. Hagemann present simple yet powerful strategies for:-Sharpening focus-Achieving the highest performance-Learning and retaining information more efficiently-Improving complex decision-making-Cultivating trust and building strong teamsBased on the Friederike’s popular leadership programs, which have been delivered to tens of thousands of leaders all over the world, this clear, insightful and engaging book “The Leading Brain” will help both individuals and teams perform at their maximum potential, delivering extraordinary results.

About the Author

Friederike Fabritius and Dr. Hans W. Hagemann, Ph.D., are, respectively, head of the Neuroleadership Practice Group and managing co-founder/partner at the global leadership consultancy firm Munich Leadership Group. They count Allianz Global Investors, EY, Expedia, Montblanc, Bayer, BMW, SAP, Siemens and ThyssenKrupp among their clients.

Dr. Hans W. Hagemann, Ph.D., is a global expert on leadership and innovation who has led seminars, coaching sessions and in-depth workshops with top executives in more than forty countries. Friederike Fabritius is a neuropsychologist who has extensive expertise working with top executives at multinational corporations, leveraging her scientific background to create actionable insights.

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