Let Me Say It by Rakesh Maria

Let Me Say It by Rakesh Maria

Let Me Say It Now: A Book by Rakesh Maria

Rakesh Maria is a great police officer. He entered into the elite Indian Police services and then he was given the post of Mumbai’s Police Commissioner. This story is a captivating one. Maria as a police officer has done wonders while doing his duty. Whenever he was given a duty he carried out quite bravely. His senior officers always asked him to offer his services to decrease the rate of crime. He always responded to them in a positive manner. He gave the best example of his indomitable courage on two occasions, one in 1993 serial blasts and the other at the time of annihilating the 26/11 attack. His works highlighted him significantly and he always remained under the spotlight. During the testing occasions, he showed his resilience. No matter whichever duty he was assigned, he brought laurels to his service record.
Unfolded the Mystery of Sheena Bora Murder Case.

Rakesh Maria unfolded the mystery of Sheena Bora Murder’s case in a quite comprehensive manner. He tried his level best to reveal the face of the accused culprit. He carried out his duties in a professional manner. Unfortunately, he was transferred on promotion at once. This sudden move kept all in a controversial state of mind. In spite of this painstaking decision, the officer of patience remained in silence, as always. He had already faced so many controversies in his life. This officer was dominated by the authorities as they did it to the other officers.

Let Me Say It Now: An Ice-breaker

‘Let Me Say It Now’ worked as an ice-breaker as Maria broke his silence and attracted the attention of the readers. This book reveals the controversies confronted by a brave police officer. It also brings out the serious effects of the socio-political system over the investigations of sensitive cases. Hence, we vividly observe the dilemma of an elegant police officer.

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Rakesh Maria: A Distinguished Police Officer And A Sportsperson

Rakesh Maria is recognized as a distinguished police officer and a sportsperson. He has clinched many police medals for his assertive services in 1994. He also received the President’s Medal because of his eminent services in 2007. He also served to bear different badges. He served the tv police department for a long span of thirty-six years. He also formed several teams of cops in Mumbai. Apart from his professional life, Maria enjoyed playing basketball. Rakesh Maria’s family includes his wife Preeti and two sons named Krish and Krish. He is a specimen with his special traits. His service to the police department is really appreciated.

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