Love No Matter What By Komal Ahuja

Love No Matter What By Komal Ahuja

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Book Name:- Love No Matter What

Author Name:- Komal Ahuja

Love No Matter What is the story of Naina and Manish. They are waiting for their 2nd child as excitedly as Khushi waits for her sibling. Their life takes an emergent turn when Naina gives birth to an intersex (intermediate between male and female) child. Everyone will ask if it is a girl or a boy. What are we supposed to tell? Manish does not know how to manage the situation, and his family anxiety more for the world and the people around than the child who Naina names Devi. Devi’s mother, Naina fears that the family might not accept Devi, forcing her into leading a thrifty life, dancing on the streets for earning a liveliness.

Will Naina be able to fight the world & fight with her family and give Devi the life she truly deserves? Devi also has a Dad she adores. Is Naveen really her dad or is there something more to this beautiful relationship?

Love No Matter What is set in Rajasthan (India), and gives you a glance into the world of the transgenders and the intersex (intermediate between male and female). It makes us wonder: Are they different from us, or are they just as human as we are? Discover as you read how love prevailed when all else failed.

Love No Matter What

Komal Ahuja is a teacher in the early morning hours, then she is a businesswoman and corporate trainer during the day, and then a writer by the night. Somewhere between all this indignant activity, she is also a home-maker. Her stories and poems are eagerly peeping through the crevices of the closet, waiting to be discovered.

Komal Ahuja

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