Making of Babaji Inc. By Shravya Bhinder

Making of Babaji Inc

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Book Name:- Making of Babaji Inc.

Book Title:- Shravya Bhinder

In an era, where the self-appointed Godmen/women are making headlines, and very often for all the wrong reasons. In this book, Making of Babaji Inc. is a satirical take on the rise of one such Godmen. In a witty and ingenious way, the story of Making of Babaji Inc showcases circumstances where superstitions win over logic and ridiculous solutions, often termed as Upaay, given by the Godmen, become the last resort for their devotees.

Making of Babaji Inc.

Billu, a middle-class bank cashier, loses a bag containing lakhs of rupees belonging to a high-end customer. His valetudinary wife convinces him to seek the advice of a Babaji she knows. Billu undergoes a change of faith. His normal life takes a humorous turn and sets off for a distinctly accidental journey called…Making of Babaji Inc.

Making of Babaji Inc

Product Description

About the Author

Shravya Bhinder graduated in English Literature from DU and went on to qualify as a Business Communication trainer. Before writing her first book, Making Of Babaji Inc., she worked for leading IT & Consulting companies. She is married and currently lives in New Delhi. An avid reader and observer, she likes to draw inspirations for her writing from real life characters and incidents.

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