Mambi and the Forest Fire

Mambi and the Forest Fire

Product Description

Mambi and the Forest Fire is a very heart-warming, spirited adventure about discovering ur own strengths and solemnize the unique gifts that make every child special.

Book Name:- Mambi and the Forest Fire

Book Author:- Nandana Dev Sen and Saskia Pekelharing

Mambi is a little monkey who cherish her older jungle friends. If only she could be more like Koko(The crow) or Tonga(The turtle)! Then one day, a terrifying crisis befalls the forest. Can Mambi the little monkey overcome all her fears and save her friends? Read full story to know more.

About the Author Nandana

Nandana is a writer, child-rights activist and an award-winning actor. After studying literature at Harvard, she worked as a screenwriter, a book editor, a poetry translator and as Princess Jasmine in Disneyland.

Nandana has starred in more than 20 feature films and she is also the author of Kangaroo Kisses (Otter-Barry Books). Nandana works with children (and grown-ups) at UNICEF, Operation Smile and RAHI to fight against child abuse. She lives in London and New York, and She loves to eat, bike, play, argue and dance

About the Author Saskia Pekelharing

Saskia Pekelharing is an artist with a love for vibrant colours. Her work is colourful, happy and funny. She hand-paints all her illustrations. When she is not illustrating, in the free time she teaches art to children. She has lived in the New York, Netherlands and Kenya and has brought a smile to many children’s faces all over the world.

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