Not All Those Who Wander by Arjun Nath

Not All Those Who Wander

Not All Those Who Wander by Arjun Nath

Not All Those Who Wander is the story of two colleagues who study in high school, Gehna and Eram written by Arjun Nath. Both of them a lot of deviation in their nature bit still their feelings match with each other.

Book Description

Title: Not All Those Who Wander

Author: Arjun Nath

Publication: Penguin

Language: English

Paperback: 272 pages

Price: 299 I.N.R.

About Not All Those Who Wander

Arjun Nath has rubbed the nib of the pen against the paper for describing the story of two age mates. He had gathered a lot of words and bind into a book. This book is rooted in the life of Gehna Rai and Eram. Gehna rai is a teenager, a schooling girl. This seventeen years old girl has the middle of the road life and friends also. But the attitude of her family was out of the common that make a mess in her life. One more thing about her life was that she was going to become a mother.

On the other hand, Eram is an over and above a teenager and schoolboy. He is a fool ankle-bitter left his studies. Moreover, he wants to become a poker pro and wants to hide this secret from his father. His father was suffering from a disease called Parkinson. He was afraid of being his father totally out of the mental state. That why he doesn’t want his father to get involved and be miserable.

So both these fellows having mismatch nature and but somewhere have correlative circumstance. Both the have friendship and something more they met on at the very unexpected road.

About the Author

Arjun Nath is not only a writer but he is a lawyer and a webpage designer as well. He was addicted to heroin but somehow he recovered and traced his path. He chooses writing as an optional line but he gained popularity in this line. He is a screenwriter and his famous writings are White Magic: A Story of Heartbreak, Hard Drugs and Hope.

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