Note to Self by Connor Franta | Pdf ebook | Free Download

Note to Self by Connor Franta | Pdf ebook | Free Download

Note to Self by Connor Franta

Product Description

“Note to Self is an open diary. This gives my insides a voice through visuals and poetry, this is me spilled out on paper: Connor Franta

Book Name: Note to Self

Book Author: Connor Franta

Connor Franta shared his journey from small-town Midwestern boy to full-fledged Internet sensation in his New York Times bestselling biography, A Work in Progress. Exploring his past with humor and astounding insight, Connor Franta reminded his fans of why they first fell in love with him on YouTube—and revealed to newcomers how he relates to his millions of dedicated followers.

Now, two years later, Connor Franta is ready to bring to light a side of himself he’s rarely shown on or off camera. In this diary-like look at his life since A Work in Progress: A Memoir, Franta talks about his battles with clinical depression, self-love, social anxiety, and acceptance; his struggles with love and loss; his desire to maintain an authentic self in a world that values shares and likes over true connections; and his renewed efforts to be in the moment—with others and himself.

Told through short essays, letters to his past and future selves, poetry and original photography, Note to Self is a raw, in-the-moment look at the fascinating interior life of a young creator turning inward in order to move forward.


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About the Author

Connor Franta is a global trendsetter and an Internet sensation, with millions of followers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media platforms. He is the founder of Common Culture Coffee and works closely with The Thirst Project, a charity that provides clean drinking water in Africa, for which he raised over $230,000 in 30 days. He also curates music from up-and-coming bands for his Common Culture compilation albums.

Note to Self by Connor Franta

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