REBOUND By Sanil Sachar

REBOUND by Sanil Sachar

Product Description

Book Name: REBOUND

Book Author: Sanil Sachar


We’re all one step away from schizophrenia.

Rebound is the journey of a schizophrenic who breaks free from the clutches of a trapped existence, only to find himself back in the same world.

Abhimanyu grows up in the make-believe world of a circus, where painted expressions and masked faces are his constant companions. Brought up by his uncle, the owner of the circus, Abhimanyu is fed with lies and surrounded by deception.

His uncle not only lords over the young man’s life but is also happy to sacrifice Abhimanyu at the altar of ambition and greed. Finally, Abhimanyu musters the courage to escape the only place he can call home. Now he is in a world he knows nothing about-free yet completely lost.

As he comes to terms with his freedom,a beautiful girl “Rose” comes into his life. She gives him a reason to dream again. But love comes at a price. Rose is a circus entertainer and a life with her means going back to the world he loathed. Being with the woman who provides him hope would also mean confronting the demons within Abhimanyu, as well as outside.

A tale of love, loss and longing, Rebound is also a young man’s relentless pursuit to uncover delusions and seek reality.
How does it end? It doesn’t.


  • Based on the true story of an individual who battled mental health problems, the book “REBOUND” is inspiring and powerful.
  • This sensitive and unbiased portrayal of a schizophrenic will force the readers to re-examine their perception of those who suffer from this disease.

About the Author

Sanil Sachar is a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and a movie producer. His books- The Dark Side of Light and Summer Promises received widespread acclaim at various literary festivals in India and were reviewed extensively by leading magazines and newspapers.

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