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Relentless Spirit by Missy Franklin

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Relentless Spirit

By Missy Franklin

At the age of seventeen, Missy Franklin won 5 medals and 4 of them gold at the London Olympics. She hopes to represent the United States at the 2016 Games in Rio and her parents will be at her side for all of the excitement.

Since her Olympic debut, people who have met Missy or seen them on TV and her family have wondered what it was like to raise such an incredible champion.

  • What was the training like?
  • How did the family find the right facilities, coaches and support network?
  • How did Missy handle school?

Missy, D.A. and Dick explain how it all happened, sharing their family’s story of how Missy Franklin became the champion she is today, something they accomplished through hard work, trust and making the choices that were right for them.

Anyone inspired by Missy and the rest of the Franklin family will now be able to read about them and be moved by their wonderful story.

About the Author

Melissa “Missy” Franklin is a competitive swimmer and 5 time Olympic Gold medalist. Among her numerous distinctions, she holds the world record for the 200-meter backstroke.

Missy’s parents, Dick and D.A. Franklin, are originally from Canada. The family currently lives in Colorado and Missy attends UC Berkeley, where she is studying psychology with a minor in education.

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