Rosary of Love: Sufi Mysticism

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Rosary of Love: Sufi Mysticism

Rosary of Love

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Book Name:- Rosary of Love: Sufi Mysticism

Author Name:- Ikshit Satija

Man, ever since the beginning of time, has been looking for true love.

Loving anything within the material realm brings untold suffering due to our own needs and desires. These misconceptions are bound to happen when we are ignorant of the real self. Bliss is also continuously sought after by mankind. In fact, what a drunkard pursues through drinks is happiness, which is also similar to someone addicted to physical pleasure. As a matter of fact, all of the humanity, without an exception, joy and desires love. None has told them to do so, yet they only seek happiness.

No one desires the emotions of pain and sorrow. As the infinite scriptures declare, “Man is made in the likeness of God.” Mystics are called that because they yearn for a divine entity, who transcends all material realms. Man, being a part of this Power, desires God, who alone is synonymous with Joy and Love.

Ikshit Satija has done English Honours from Shivaji College, DU. At the age of thirteen, he had written a review for the gaming magazine Gameforce. He was the President of Pandemonium – the Literary Society in his college. During his 2nd year, he, along with two other members of the college, won a literary quiz at the Pandemonium festival. He was the college topper throughout his bachelor’s. His other interests include the study of mystical and esoteric literature and also expressing his devotion to the Supreme Power by composing poetry, adoring the countless aspects of the One.

Ikshit Satija

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