Standing Guard: A Year in Opposition

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Standing Guard: A Year in Opposition
By P. Chidambaram

Standing Guard: A Year in Opposition offers a strong political and economic analysis of India@2015—the tumult of the 2015 Bihar election, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill, and the debates surrounding the Land Acquisition Amendment ordinances and the alarming rise of intolerance.

In book Standing Guard: A Year in Opposition Chidambaram refuses to shy away from any subject, no matter how contentious. With characteristic the candour he examines issues as varied as the true mandate of the RBI (Reserve Bank of India), the failures and successes of the United Progressive Alliance governments, the implications of the Union Budgets, and the formidable challenges that lie ahead of the Modi government. Equally, the he presents a compass for the future—underscoring the need for humility while administering a complex nation and for accommodating Opposition voices for the greater common good.

This book Standing Guard: A Year in Opposition plays out the true meaning of a vibrant democracy—a system of governance in which the Opposition stands guard and remains as responsible as the government of the day. Standing Guard is evidence why Chidambaram is considered not just an accomplished administrator and economist, but also a statesman of the finest character.

Standing Guard: A Year in Opposition

Key Features:

  1. P. Chidambaram’s clarity of expression, command over data, mastery over detail, and understanding of electoral politics makes this volume an absolute must-read.
  2. A candid narrative that doesn’t shy away from commenting on any controversial subject—be it the wasted opportunities of the UPA government, the challenges that lay ahead of the Modi regime, the 2015 Bihar election, the Union Budgets, RBI’s role in facilitating growth, AAP’s sweeping victory in Delhi—and many more.
  3. The 51 articles published here cover a wide range of topics including governance, the economy, politics, policy and programs, legislation and foreign policy, recommended for all enthusiastic readers, and especially students of economics.
Standing Guard: A Year in Opposition

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