Swear You Won’t Tell? By Vedashree Khambete-Sharma

Swear You Won't Tell?

Swear You Won’t Tell? By Vedashree Khambete-Sharma is another contribution to the collection of books in the category Crime, Thriller and Mystery . If you are searching for Swear You Won’t Tell? By Vedashree Khambete-Sharma free pdf download, then you can get the ebook from here. Also, for your convenience, link to buy this book have been provided at the end of this post. Before you download free pdf of Swear You Won’t Tell?, let’s have a look at the description and summary of the book.

Product Description

Book Name: Swear You Won’t Tell?

Author Name: Vedashree Khambete-Sharma

A dead body found, check. A reporter being disillusioned. Dark and sinister secrets, were there. When Mumbai Daily journalist Avantika Pandit is asked to interview her childhood nemesis Aisha Juneja, she knows it will be like an express bikini wax – painful, but quick. Then Laxmi, her former best friend, shows up dead. After that, suddenly Avantika finds herself turning into the reporter she used to be – a nosy little newshound with the self-preservation instincts of a dodo.

Now, she has to meet an old acquaintances she hoped never to run into again, try to unravel the puzzle of Laxmi’s death. Ask the questions nobody seems to be asking – who is the man Laxmi was in love with? Why hasn’t anybody heard of him? What does he have to do with her death? The answers could get her killed. But if the choice is between death and writing listicles, dying might not be that bad after all. Featuring schoolyard rivalries, the Backstreet Boys and a fat dollop of 90s nostalgia, Swear You Won’t Tell? is part thriller, part whodunit, all fun.

About the Author

Vedashree Khambete-Sharma is an award-winning ad-woman. Before that, she was a freelance reporter for several newspapers and wrote on a wide range of subjects from student suicides to types of boyfriends.

Currently she is living in Mumbai with her husband, daughter and the niggling feeling that she has forgotten something.

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