Synchronous Generators

The present handbook takes an in-depth approach to both constant and variable-speed generator systems that operate in stand-alone and at power grid capacities. From topologies, through steady-state modeling and performance characteristics to transient modeling, control, design, and testing, the most representative standard and recently proposed electric generator systems are treated in dedicated chapters.
This handbook contains most parameter expressions and models required for full modeling, design, and control, with numerous case studies and results from the literature to enforce the assimilation of the art of electric generators by senior undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and, especially, by industrial engineers, who investigate, design, control, test, and exploit the latter for higher-energy conversion ratios and better control. This handbook represents a single-author unitary view of the multifaceted world of electric generators, with standard and recent art included. The handbook consists of two volumes: Synchronous Generators and Variable Speed Generators.

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