The Anxiety of being 21: The Problems, Reasons, and Solutions

The Anxiety of being 21

Product Description

Book Name: The Anxiety of being 21: The Problems, Reasons, and Solutions

Book Author: Prayag Mukhi

Twenty-one(21) is the age when people are about to graduate and enter the real world.

It is the time when they are about to start a new chapter in their lives and have to take so many big decisions in their lives that have the capacity to determine their future.

This can be a bit overwhelming at times.

In addition, being Twenty-one(21) today is very different than it was just a decade ago. The world is more dynamic than it has ever been before, due to the things like the internet and the modern media.

The book “The Anxiety of being 21” discusses the psychology of modern youngsters, and how it is different from before.

Then it explains the reasons behind their anxieties, and also provides possible solutions for them.

The book raises concerns like

-Finding your passion
-Decision-Making processes
-Intense competition in the market
-Generation Gap
-Different Career Paths
-Influence of Social Media

And, a lot more.

And then explains them by dividing them into 3 sections

-The Problems
-The Reasons
-The Solutions


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