The Chai Shop in Singapore

Product Description

The Chai Shop in Singapore
By Surabhi Sahu

The Chai Shop is an charming story of Rekha, a charming young Indian girl, born to a middle-class Baniya joint family in Delhi. Rekha is getting ready to relocate to the U.S. after an arranged marriage. But fate has other plans. She gets estranged from her relatives after she falls in love with Anupam, an ambitious young, handsome man and elopes with him to Singapore after a secret marriage. Their love blossoms in this beautiful, enthralling land.

The Chai Shop in Singapore

  • So what happens next?
  • How is The Chai Shop born in Singapore?
  • Does she live happily ever after?

The story of The Chai Shop in Singapore is about simple dreams, some broken and some coming true.

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