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The Dramen Lore: 21 days

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Book Name: The Dramen Lore: 21 days

Book Author: Mukta Sharma

Turning twenty-one(21) makes one feel grown up and ready to take the next step in life. We start planning for future and feel aware of the world and its reality.

But the things turned out different for Evana Hills. Everything she experienced and lived for twenty-one(21) years turned out to be a lie in just twenty-one days. In a quest of finding the truth, Evana comes across more subtle form of her reality. All her dreams that haunted her since childhood started making sense and seem more horrific. Answer to every question brought up new questions which are more mysterious than ever.

Entering the world of dramens Evana Hills realises that every truth she comes across is a lie. In a whirlpool of mysteries will she be able to extract the truth out of it. It is an experience with no barrier to love, no barrier of time, no barrier to life and no barrier to hatred.

Will she find the truth till the end or have a fatal ending unaware of her reality?

A great queen or a weak human- What will she choose? Travel along the protagonist on her dilemmatic journey to reach her final fate.

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