The Night I Woke Up: From Fortunate Rejections

The Night I Woke Up: From Fortunate Rejections

Product Description

Book Name:- The Night I Woke Up: From Fortunate Rejections

Author Name:- Shweta Singh

  1. How can your biggest fear turn into your fantasy or wildest dream?
  2. Why do we participate in the same race of becoming doctors, engineers, MBAs or civil servants at the cost of following our passions and dreams?
  3. Do you know that something in this Universe can defy all logic?
  4. Are you aware of the zombie world you might be living in?

This book, The Night I Woke Up has answers to everything. Be ready to activate the power that you have kept asleep for years and become a person beyond your intelligence. Also find out what was so unusual about that particular night that the author decided to write a book on.

Shweta Singh is the author of bestselling 7 Incredible ways to Gorgeous failure!: What if knowing WHAT NOT TO DOs gives you an extra edge over others?. The Night I Woke Up: From Fortunate Rejections and Proud Failures to a Phenomenal Night of Reincarnation is her second book.

Usually, Shweta Singh writes on her blog :- Discover The HeRo In YoU. Few lines from her blog posts:-

I am Shweta Singh, a Motivational Speaker – Author, Trainer and a passionate Blogger who loves to write on the infinite potential of human beings, dreams, and how to Discover The HeRo In YoU.

A year ago, I was on my way to success, but with sensing and pain, I was not living anything close to my authentic life. I then began a search to dreams and my visions, realizing my purpose and true enduring happiness. Yes, now I am living my Dream Life.

Shweta Singh

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