The Sialkot Saga

The Sialkot Saga

Product Description

The Sialkot Saga is the story written by Ashwin Sanghi. Ashwin Sanghi, master storyteller and spinner of yarns, weaves together once more threads of the past and present, fact and fiction, business and politics, history and mythology, love and hatred while dangling you ceaselessly over the reef with this chilling multi-layered narrative, keeping you guessing till the totally unguessable end.

Book Name:- The Sialkot Saga

Book Author:- Ashwin Sanghi

The Sialkot Saga

About the Author

Ashwin Sanghi is one of the India’s highest-selling English fiction authors. He is the author of 3 best-selling novels: The Rozabal Line, Chanakya’s Chant , Keepers of the Kalachakra and The Krishna Key. All his books have been based on theological, historical and mythological themes.

In addition Ashwin Sanghi has co-authored a Private India, crime thriller, along with James Patterson, the world’s highest-selling writer. He is counted among India’s best-selling conspiracy fiction writers. His books sold in crores and translated to many other languages like Hindi, Tamil and Bengali.

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