The Unending Game

The Unending Game by Vikram Sood provides a panoramic view of the rarely understood profession of spying to serve a country’s strategic and security interests.

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Product Description

Book Name: The Unending Game A Former R&AW Chief’s Insights into Espionage

Author Name: Vikram Sood 

In God we trust, the rest we monitor . . .
A former chief of India’s external intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing, deconstructs the shadowy world of spies. From the Cold War era to the age of global jihad, from surveillance states to psy-war and cyber warfare. From gathering information to turning it into credible intelligence. The author provides a panoramic view of the rarely understood profession of spying to serve a country’s strategic and security interests.

As a country’s stature and reach grow, so do its intelligence needs. This is especially true for one like India that has ambitions of being a global player even as it remains embattled in its own neighbourhood.

About the Author

Vikram Sood was a career intelligence officer for thirty-one years. He retired in March 2003 after heading the R&AW.  Currently, he is an adviser at the Observer Research Foundation, an independent public policy think tank based in New Delhi. He writes regularly on security, foreign relations and strategic issues in journals and newspapers and has contributed chapters related to security. China, intelligence and India’s neighbourhood to various books published in the last few years.


The Unending Game tackles these questions while providing a national and international perspective on gathering external intelligence. Its relevance in securing and advancing national interests, and why intelligence is the first playground in the game of nations. If you need pdf version of this book you can directly get it by clicking on this button or can ask for it by commenting your email id in the comment section.

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