Think and Win Like Dhoni

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May 29, 2016
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June 6, 2016

Think and Win Like Dhoni

Product Description

Book Name:- Think and Win Like Dhoni

Author Name:- Sfurti Sahare

5 success secrets – Do you tend to buckle under pressure??? Do you find yourself unlucky in spite of working hard??? Do you find yourself losing your cool in stressful situations??? The book, Think and Win Like Dhoni is not just a usual story about cricket, but a book that will help you to beat the odds. Get ahead of your competitors using tricks and tips from the Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s life, shared by the man himself!

Everyone says Mahendra Singh Dhoni is lucky. But have you ever wondered why he is so lucky??? How does he remain calm in the face of immense pressure??? How does he manage to cash in on opportunities??? What makes him a youth icon and a great leader??? Discover the mind power of the boy who travelled the road of exclusivity, from being a regular Ranchi lad to a world-famous cricketer. Learn how to build confidence, dismiss fear and perform top-class so that you enjoy immense success in work and life.

Think and Win Like Dhoni

About the Author Sfurti Sahare

Sfurti Sahare is a passionate girl who likes to do everything with great passion. She born in Nagpur. Sfurti completed her degree in computer engineering from Pune University and turned her attention to motivational speaking to inspire the young and the old alike and make a difference in their lives. Driven by her love for cricket, she aspires to work with the Indian cricket team in the near future.

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