The Third Squad by V Sanjay Kumar

The Third Squad

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The Third Squad

By V Sanjay Kumar

Karan is an expert sharpshooter who never misses his mark. He belongs to a police hit squad formed to only commit encounter killings.

All members of this squad fall somewhere along the autism spectrum. Karan, who has been diagnosed with mild Asperger’s syndrome, is notorious for his ruthless precision and efficiency in carrying out these assassinations.

But gradually even his impenetrable façade begins to crack. Karan has a difficult choice to make: should he continue to blindly follow orders from his superiors, regardless of their moral standing, or should Karan take matters into his own hands and do what he believes to be right?

About the Author

V. Sanjay Kumar is the author of two previous novels – Artist, Undone and Virgin Gingelly – take place in the bustling cities of Mumbai and Chennai (where Kumar grew up), exploring the fringes of middle-class life there. The Third Squad is his most recent novel. He runs an art gallery and writes about art for various magazines.

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