This is Not a Fashion Story: Taking Chances, Breaking Rules and Being a Boss in the Big City

This is not a Fashion Story-Denielle Bernstein

This is Not a Fashion Story: Taking Chances, Breaking Rules and Being a Boss in the Big City

Being a fashion influencer, designer, CEO and tech entrepreneur, Danielle Bernstein has more to tell than just her fashion story. As the name of the book implies, This is Not a Fashion Story, she shares her life experiences. The book is really the way of sharing her part of life that people don’t know. She says fashion is a small thing for her, which became a career option. But there are many more things beyond fashion that she expressed in her book.

During her old youth days, she spent time shopping at discount department stores. Getting boozy in backyards and propose to marriage every guy she met. She dropped out of college at the age of nineteen. Thinking if things didn’t go well with fashion she would board to moms. Within six months after posting her blog @WeWoreWhat, her hobby of writing blogs turned into a high-paying career. And for the last ten years, she is a fashion influencer and businesswoman with over two million followers. She has a self-made story of her own playbook rules in the fashion industry.

In spite of sharing the successes in her life, she shared some of the failures too. Like the failure of the shoe brand, and its worth sharing because they are the ones you learn the most. A part of her book inspires women to live dreams and different lives and step into building businesses. This is Not a Fashion Story that explains how this teenage girl turned to be a recognizable name in fashion. Having no college degree in hands, trusting her gut and just following your insights for your life, love and business. And she proved and things worked for her more than a fashion story. Check the price online.

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