Three Marketeers By Ajeet Sharma

Three Marketeers By Ajeet Sharma

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Book Name: Three Marketeers

By Ajeet Sharma

Karan Jaani, the brand manager of a beverage company, is sacked. Vidu Nandi, an unhappy sales executive, quits his job. Rishi Verma, an entrepreneur,shuts down his ailing tech business.

What do they have in common??

A beverage brand, just as deserving of a second shot at success as they are, which unites them in their quest for business glory in the face of seemingly impossible odds. With the help of 3 charming and bright women – a resourceful hotel manager, an aspiring Bollywood actress, and an America-returned salsa instructor – the three marketers will have to make the most of the available resources and navigate their way around those looking to remove them from their turf.

It won’t be easy, but it’s their only chance at making it big in the world of business.

About the Author

Ajeet Sharma, the bestselling author of this book, is a business school professor, a marketing expert, and a keen follower of trends and action in the business world.

Ajeet holds a Ph.D. in Marketing and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. In his career, spanning more than 20 years, he has also worked as a copywriter on several international advertising projects and mentored many young professionals along the way.

Ajeet Sharma developed interest in literature and music in school and believes that in many ways marketing too is an art form, and the world of business its stage.

This book “Three Marketeers” is a strong reflection of his own experiences and observations across different phases in his career.

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