Watershed 1967 by Probal DasGupta

Watershed 1967

Watershed 1967 India’s forgotten Victory Over China

Probal DasGupta has rubbed the nib of the pen against the paper to describe the war between India and China in his book, Watershed 1967. Moreover, that war is not in talks but India defeated China and won the war. The story of two countries is described by the Probal DasGupta in his book.

Book Description

Title: Watershed 1967: India’s Forgotten Victory Over China

Author: Probal DasGupta

Publication: Juggernaut

Language: English

Paperback: 296 pages

Price: 599 I. N. R.

About the Watershed 1967

India has fought many wars against neighboring countries for disputes of occupying the land. So this story is about the Indo-China war at the border of Sikkim at Nathu La and Cho La. In 1962 clashes were occurring in both countries and finally, China won that conflict. After the passing of five years in 1967, China again started torturing India and once again both the nations fought with each other. Unfortunately, at that time china lost the war and India ruled that battle.

Thereafter taking every possible step China made alliances with Pakistan and the USA. But they failed and left the battlefield. So China signed an agreement with India. Moreover, the author has also focused on how the soldiers prepared themselves for the fight and won.that war was won by India against China. It was a nail-biting moment for the whole world and army of India. But the army of India created History and Shine the name of India.

About the Author

Probal Das Gupta was born in Kolkata  1953. He is a very famous Indian writer, speaker, and activist. Completed his higher studies from the University of New York. He has a great interest in language at the early stage of his life. His interest in language was clearly noticed in his first article in phonology when he was only eighteen years old. In addition to it, he has also worked in the field of Syntax. His writings got very fame and popularity and those writings are The Otherness of English: India’s Auntie Tongue syndrome and  Projective Syntax: Theory and Applications. He served as a member of the Linguistic Society of America.

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