We Need a Revolution By Sachin Garg

We Need a Revolution

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Book Name:- We Need a Revolution

Book Author:- Sachin Garg

We Need a Revolution is the story of Shubhrodeep Shyamchaudhary. He is a tramp travelling across India. Shubhrodeep has a weakness that whenever he sees some injustice happening with anybody, he cannot resist himself to getting involved.

When he reaches the Andamans, as innocent people face rapes, violence, disease, and inhumane treatment, he decides to do something about them.

We Need a Revolution

But how much is he and his friends willing to endure?

Can a bunch of boys and girls in their mid twenties bring about a revolution?

Can ordinary people, with regular lives, rise against all odds and stand up for their ideals?

About the Author Sachin Garg

Number #1 bestselling author Sachin Garg is also a popular speaker and an entrepreneur. He likes to travel and he writes what he see.

Sachin Garg brings to you a roller coaster of human love and relationships, letting go and finding the strength to bring about Revolution.

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Sachin Garg

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