As Boys Become Men By Mukul Kumar

As Boys Become Men

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As Boys Become Men
By Mukul Kumar

Friends, Freedom and Fun. That’s how most of us remember our college years. But for those who are studying to get into the coveted Indian Civil Services, college life acquires an additional layer. As Boys Become Men revolves around three such boys, Uday, Mihir and Sandeep, who set out together to crack the Civil Services exam. Narrated by the intense and thoughtful Mihir, this book (As Boys Become Men) explores college life, romance, friendship, leaving home and adjusting to a new environment, and describes how negotiating the path between love and lust, dharma and desire, can be tricky.

As Boys Become Men

A splendid story of the bond between a boisterous trio, the book, As Boys Become Men will take you on a journey of discovery, where students become civil servants, and boys become men. In the course the book also ends up telling us what not to do when writing the Civil Services exam. A slice-of-life tale with a ‘Mona Lisa’ flavour that offers romance and fun aplenty, this book also imparts philosophical truths that will help every young person out to discover life.

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