At the Threshold of Love By Namita Sonthalia

At the Threshold of Love By Namita Sonthalia

Product Description

Book Name: At the Threshold of Love

Book Author: Namita Sonthalia

They fell in love – unaware that it had happened! But the passion that lay veiled within, would that be enough to re-write their future together?

Ahaana runs ‘The Threshold of Love’ an event management company with her childhood friend, Ansh. Celebrating love in the lives of her clients, she is unknown to the emotion herself.

Only until business tycoon Ronit Malhotra arrives at her doorstep of ‘The Threshold of Love’ to get his wedding planned. At first sight, she experiences what weak knees are, but is unable to come to terms with the emotion love.

As fate may have it, Ronit Malhotra too cannot stay oblivious to Ahaana’s charm and charismatic magnetism.

When things spiral out of control, Ahaana meets the fun-loving stranger Soham at her cousin’s wedding. As an arranged marriage is set between them, will true love and passion make way into the inevitable and re-do what destiny has already carved?

Join their roller-coaster journey to find out how the heart and mind are tossed around At the Threshold of Love.

About the Author

Words being her passion, Namita Sonthalia is a writer at heart and an achiever in being. ‘At the Threshold of Love’ is her debut novel. A noted web journalist and content developer, she has crafted numerous professional as well as fictional works for her clients across the globe. With her maiden novel, she is here to touch the chords of millions of hearts as they witness love, the way she sees it.


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