Bhupen Hazarika As I Knew Him by Kalpana Lajmi

Bhupen Hazarika As I Knew Him by Kalpana Lajmi

Bhupen Hazarika As I knew him, is a free-flowing memoir, moving back and forth across time, defying description, much like the love story it narrates.

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About The Book: Bhupen Hazarika As I Knew Him

Bhupen Hazarika a well-known singer-composer, poet and lyricist. What about the man behind the legend? It is told through the lens of Kalpana Lajmi, and to all through this book.

The book is a story of a unique bond, coming together of two talented artists, of a man who used his art as an instrument of social change, also who was charismatic and passionate.  A woman, a fierce feminist, who has never cared much about societal norms, and yet who could never turn away from him despite his mercurial ways. Moreover, his unreasonable tantrums and unwillingness to recognize her as a companion.

About the Author

Kalpana Lajmi is the daughter of well-known painter Lalitha Lajmi and niece of Guru Dutt. She directed six critically highly praised films, a documentary and a TV serial. Moreover, a graduate of St. Xavier’s College, Bombay.

Bhupen Hazarika by Kalpana Lajmi

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