CBSE All in One English Core Class 12

CBSE All in One English Core Class 12

Product Description

Book Name: CBSE All in One English Core Class 12

Book Author: By Arihant Experts

Arihant’s CBSE All in One English Core Class 12 has been a favourite and first choice of Students as well as teachers since its first edition.

All in One English Core has been designed for the students of Class XII (10+2). The fully revised 2017-18 edition has been penned down by an experienced examiner providing all explanations and guidance needed for effective study and achieving success in the upcoming CBSE Class XII English Core Examination.

The present book CBSE All in One English Core Class 12 has been designed to ensure Complete Practice, Complete Study, and Complete Assessment. The whole syllabus has been divided into 3 sections namely Writing Skills, Reading, and Literature Textbooks and Long Reading Texts, each sub-divided into different parts.

The Writing Skills section covers Short Compositions, Letter Writing and Long Compositions whereas the Reading section covers Reading Comprehension and Note-Making and Abstraction. The Literature Textbooks section has been sub-divided into Poetry, Prose, and Supplementary. The Poetry section covers My Mother at Sixty-Six, An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum, Keeping Quiet, Aunty Jennifer’s Tiger, A Thing of Beauty, whereas the Prose section covers the Last Lesson, Lost Spring, The Rattrap, Deep Water, Going Places and Indigo.

The Supplementary section covers The Tiger King, Should Wizard Hit Mommy, The Enemy, On the Face of It, Evan Tries an O-Level and Memories of Childhood whereas the Long Reading Text: Novels cover Silas Marner and the Invisible Man.

The book CBSE All in One English Core Class 12 has been designed strictly in sync with the latest CBSE syllabus and Class XII English Core NCERT Textbook, with each chapter divided into individual topics for better understanding.

The chapters in the Literature Textbook section contains different types of questions such as Short Answer, Very Short Answer, Long Answer and Value Based Questions along with detailed solutions of all textbook questions. Self-Assessment section at the end of the chapter contains ample number of unsolved questions which will help the assessing the level of preparation.

The book also contains 3 practice sets which have been divided for self-analyzing the topics covered under the syllabi. For thorough practice and to give students a real feel of the examination five Sample Question Papers have been given after the chapter wise study. Also 2016 (All India and Delhi) Solved CBSE Examination papers have been provided at the end of the book to help candidate gain an insight into the recent examination pattern and the types of questions asked therein.

As the revised and updated version of this bestseller book focuses on topical study followed by thorough practice, this book Arihant’s CBSE All in One English Core Class 12 for sure will help the aspirants score high grades in the upcoming Class XII English Core examination 2017.

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